My Aesthetics

What is your personal aesthetic? Do you think your look says a lot about your general attitude and opinions – do you believe your appearance can at the same time be a commentary on your life philosophy?

I am, on the outside, a simplistic person. My wardrobe is black on black.

My Aesthetics cover

Step into my kitchen and you will find everything neatly color-coordinated in a simple, minimalistic way. Every kitchen supply matches the apartment-inclusive décor. The water cooker, the coffee maker, (even the box where we store the ground coffee), the microwave, the mixer, have been carefully selected to match the black-white-silver-grey-wood-theme. There is an occasional splash of red (a painting on the wall, the slow cooker), but other than that, even the place mats and the coffee mugs are down to style.

There was a point in my decorating the kitchen where I found a beautiful bamboo fruit bowl to match our bamboo chopping boards and wooden table. The combination with the salt and pepper grinders and the subtle grey placemats is, for me, absolutely supreme, the symbol of an aesthetic which has been worked toward, and achieved with patience and perseverance.


Why are such things important to me?

I view it as a sign of independence because I design and improve the room according to my taste and for the satisfaction of solely myself. There is no one to submit my choices to or to alternate my taste to something I dislike. Of course I concur with my better half regarding such choices, but since he is a black-on-black cat himself and shares my simplistic tastes, he predominantly approves of what I pick out. We enjoy a casual evening at home once a week, but if you just do the math, really the living room is foremost for me to enjoy, since I spend about fifty per cent more time at home, writing.

Of course when someone does come over, I enjoy entertaining, because everything is in place and everything fits. I like to think I keep it simple.

A possible goal would be to start a minimalist lifestyle at one point. For now, I need a few years to compensate my indigent childhood, though. Smirk.


On the whole, this outside state mirrors my inside state: I no longer desire to stand out for a quirky aesthetic or unusual appearances or combinations in my hairstyle or clothing. I do have dark purple hair, but I almost exclusively wear black, simple clothing.

On a more general note, I believe keeping a minimalistic style is the healthiest way to live in the 21st century from a holistic point of view, since there is so much information coming in from the outside as well as an array of thoughts happening in my head every minute of every hour. So why exhaust myself with painting walls and adding color?

This is the aesthetic of my adulthood. I have lived through my blue phase and my red phase. No more explicit extras necessary to run around with.


The mess inside my head and the conundrum of my complex thoughts are a whole new topic altogether: I prefer a very non-black-and-white way of thinking, rich in color, open to any direction. Is this a discrepancy? No, I believe my individualism comes essentially from within and the decision to not stand out adds to the strength of my implicit message.


It really boils down to a redundancy of trends and going-with-the-flow: I have stopped needing anything aesthetically contemporary altogether, focusing the contemporary aspect of me solely on my philosophy, my ethics and my writing.

So actually, even the statement of my minimalistic kitchen is: Don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t run with the flock and think before you speak. Dare to be bold and concurrently deign yourself the option of being explicitly opinionated.


What is your opinion in this matter? Do you believe minimalism helps escape the sensory overload of our time or should one strive to imitate the multitude of stimulus in one’s aesthetic?


3 thoughts on “My Aesthetics

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  1. Very healthy way to live your life. Don’t think outside people should see what is happening inside your head and heart ❤


  2. Very interesting thoughts.
    I’ve thought about minimalism once and found out, that it’s not the right way for me. I like to catch peoples attention and cheer them up with the colourful clothes I wear. My intention is to bring colour back into the (sad) masses of grey and black rain coats.
    I do agree with you that today we are flooded with too much of everything. But I keep it simple through not wasting thoughts on such things. For example I don’t care of today’s style criteria. I wear things and colours because I prefer them and noone else.
    But I admire you for your strength in thinking. That’s a virtue that only few can rely on!


    1. Thanks for commenting! I am already very excited about this new blog ^_^

      In an ideal world for me all colorful and quirky things are purely abstract and idea-based. I feel cluttered if my empirical surroundings have too much color in them. I am currently switching even the smallest details, e.g. the pencil holder on my desk, to a black simple one, because it keeps me from focusing.

      But for a student living in a shared apartment the seemingly simple way to minimalism is hard since everything should look approximately the same – try to do that in Marburg 😉 now we can afford to have an all-black everything and it has such a soothing effect on me.
      See you soon ❤


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