Welcome! Here’s what I do in this blog.

“Anima Mundi” means the soul or the essence of the world. In this blog, I reflect upon my understanding of Anima Mundi and current topics in that context.

This would, in the widest sense, refer to certain universal spiritual principles, experiences made in other corners of the world, thoughts addressed to the every-human, or maybe reflections on our sameness and at the same time differences. I approach these main topics via literature, music, movies, theatre, and any kind of other forms of experiences I encounter in my daily flow of thought.

Hi there! :- )

Or maybe I will just write down a small thought which occurred to me whilst looking out the window and seeing a bird fly by… 😉

As promised in the subtitle of the blog, I will write essays, stories and thoughts in general, as I won’t pursue one static form for my writing just yet. This might, of course, change in the course of action.

But for now this is what you’re in for.

Glad to have you! 🙂

Any questions? Contact me!


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