Minimalistic or simplistic?

The key to finishing a task is concentrating on the thing you are working on and decluttering your mind of all else. Everything else is just poor time and responsibility management. Easier said than done, I get distracted so easily. I actually feel at my most productive when doing two things at the same time,... Continue Reading →


Miscellaneous thoughts; But also โ€“ about that Philip Roth guy…

Greetings and salutations, dear All! I have not vanished from this platform. Quite the opposite: I plan on contributing to this site regularly. However, I am currently also pursuing a Doctor's in Philosophy/Literary Studies and writing a circa 200-page thesis on the topic of Melancholy in the 20th century with a specification regarding modern German... Continue Reading →

My Aesthetics

What is your personal aesthetic? Do you think your look says a lot about your general attitude and opinions โ€“ do you believe your appearance can at the same time be a commentary on your life philosophy? I am, on the outside, a simplistic person. My wardrobe is black on black. Step into my kitchen... Continue Reading →

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