Why Thanos Was Right: Thoughts on Destroying Earth’s Population

It's been a couple of months since the first part of Avengers: Infinity War made it's rounds in movie theatres. It is still running it's 15th week over here, and I am still pondering what exactly the great eco-centered planetary justice warrior Thanos is basing his chop-half-off-to-save-the-planet scheme for the Universe on. In all honesty,... Continue Reading →


Why I Don’t Talk to people (Anymore)

I have never enjoyed verbal means of communication very much since I am a creature of the written word. Composing sentences, choosing words and building a paragraph are actions I thoroughly enjoy and like to take my time with. So, I have always preferred making notes versus joining a discussion, texting versus calling, and writing... Continue Reading →

The Delusional Necessity of Family

Welcome back, friends of critical thinking and individualism.   In this essay I am dissecting a biological and sociological term which I find to be redundant for the 21st century individual, and thus it needs to be put in it's place. I am talking about the positive and negative sides of family structures from a sociological... Continue Reading →

Becoming the Master of Time

  Hello again, dear Internet! My monthly thoughts as summarized in the title are not a Dr. Strange reference, although I might consider myself a cumberbabe. Nevermind... Let's start! The topic of this month's reflexion is a small thought train on time management and at the same time tries to be a very pragmatic motivational... Continue Reading →

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