Why ‘Crimes of Grindelwald’ is Just Right

The newest instalment in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series, Crimes of Grindelwald continues Newt Scamanders adventures, as he travels to Paris to try to stop dangerous wizard Gellert Grindelwald. This new five-part movie series has been a new source of obsessing and fangirling for many Harry Potter franchise fans, but has also brought... Continue Reading →


The Janus-faced Macabre of Japanese Literature

I've recently read novels by two Japanese authors: The Face of Another by Kōbō Abe and A Personal Matter by Kenzaburō Ōe. Both are very interesting and discussion-worthy, and also quite similar in how they describe the human condition. At the same time, both are very, very disturbing. So, let's talk about that! Although there is a plentitude of 'nice'... Continue Reading →

Why Your Snobbery is valid

Hello, dear Internet. Today, let's talk about the fact that these days people are rating every insignificant detail and experience they have during their day, and the fact that the Internet is happy to validate theit knit-picking ways. And foremost, let's try and learn how to extract valuable information from this phenomenon. This day and... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Talk to people (Anymore)

I have never enjoyed verbal means of communication very much since I am a creature of the written word. Composing sentences, choosing words and building a paragraph are actions I thoroughly enjoy and like to take my time with. So, I have always preferred making notes versus joining a discussion, texting versus calling, and writing... Continue Reading →

The Delusional Necessity of Family

Welcome back, friends of critical thinking and individualism.   In this essay I am dissecting a biological and sociological term which I find to be redundant for the 21st century individual, and thus it needs to be put in it's place. I am talking about the positive and negative sides of family structures from a sociological... Continue Reading →

Becoming the Master of Time

  Hello again, dear Internet! My monthly thoughts as summarized in the title are not a Dr. Strange reference, although I might consider myself a cumberbabe. Nevermind... Let's start! The topic of this month's reflexion is a small thought train on time management and at the same time tries to be a very pragmatic motivational... Continue Reading →

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