The Anatomy of a Predator

I have been sitting on this topic for quite some time, following current discussion and accumulating testimony. I have mixed feelings regarding the current discourse. On the one hand, stupidity and flock mentality is something I absolutely loathe – on the other hand, I have always been the person to stand up for justice for... Continue Reading →


The Symbiosis of Romance and Destruction

Hello, Internet. As promised, we are back! Monthly posts shall resume! Today I will present some reflections on a recently finished TV show. TV shows are such a satisfying format in comparison to a movie. There is physically more time to dwell delve on the characters, more breath to develop and to show their quirks... Continue Reading →

The Intensifying Silence of Violence

Do you like to watch an epic battle with a jaw-dropping choreography, seeing the manly hero succeed to his rightfully earned position? What about ships clashing against each other in another war scene, man against nature, fighting each other and a storm at the same time? Now, what about an emotional battle, this time, between... Continue Reading →

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